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DESIGN PREFERENCE: Effective, compelling, color combinations, well-structured layouts, lively texts with wit.

SPARE TIME: Fanatical mountain climber, Japan expert, counselor

SECRET WEAPON: Christina is able to work in Chinese without actually knowing the language.

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DESIGN PREFERENCE: Generating ideas and fleshing them out, balanced and engaging typography. Logos.

SPARE TIME: ski-racer, rockstar, part-time chauffeur to her children,

SECRET WEAPON: Ability to experience work as a way of relaxation.

Work has been selected for AIGA’s 50 books 50 covers, published in AIGA’s Annual 365, exhibited at AIGA NY and the Art Directors Club, as well as showcased in the independent italian publication Il Manifesto.


We could not achieve complete design solutions without some of our favorite collaborators!

To achieve the best tailored results we love working with Leslie Rubisch Brand Strategist extraordinaire, our brilliant programmers from SnakeHill, SEO consultants as well as various photographers in the Greater Northeast Area as well as Austria.

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VIA SPIGA // SENREVE // Nadja Lindenthal // Five Wits // FP Media // Setzer Consulting Facility Management Berlin // Smith Maran Architecture // Connell Mining + Services // Intercultural Counseling Connection // Lawyers Advantage // Nameberry // Mariá’s Naturkosmetik // Moser Kliniken // Montclair Generator Solutions // Four Corners Physical Therapy // 5 Point PT // Zielwerk // Schneekappe // Perceptel // Zahnzauber

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Over the years we also worked with a number of organizations who offer a lot to communities around us. We are proud to have collaborated with and contributed to these organizations in various forms of design work.

The United Tastes of America // Safer Newark Council // Parkinsons’ Project // Kid’s First // Little Kids Rock // Bowery Mission // IMANI // Goals For Life // Community Health of Center Richmond

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