Our Workshops

Creative collaboration

We run brand workshops and creative brainstorms designed to pinpoint positioning and unlock personality, stories and ideas.

Choose from
  • Brand workshop

  • Start-ups workshop

  • Creative brainstorming

Brand Workshop

Bold thinking and big ideas

Our brand workshops establish, refresh and reinvent brands.
This one-day session takes your team on a high-energy journey to find your true potential and discover your story. Aligning team members around a single brand vision, we guide critical discussions on your category, positioning, and strategic messaging.

  • Brand and competitor audit

  • Customer deep dive

  • Visual adventure

  • Brand story

  • Mission, vision, values

  • Positioning

  • Messaging

  • Personality

Brand guide

From this collaborative process, we create a customized brand guide, giving you the rock solid foundations to grow at pace.

Start-ups Workshop

Small but mighty

This workshop focuses on start-ups, entrepreneurs and owner-operated small businesses.
A half day brand workshop, it removes the loneliness of the solepreneuer through collaboration, insight and perspective. Galvanizing your offering, developing your story, and defining your values creates the foundations to grow your empire.

  • Competitor audit

  • Customer deep dive

  • Visual adventure

  • Values exploration

  • Founding story

  • Ideas storm

  • Personality

Brand Guide

From this collaborative process, we create a customized brand guide to steer you on the path to world domination.

Creative Brainstorms

Cunning plans afoot

Our creative brainstorms tickle the imagination, unleashing creativity through structured exercises and freewheeling ideas bursts.
This 2-hour session will leave you with a notebook full of innovative ideas and a burning desire to make some noise.

  • Creative brief

  • Inspiration

  • Storm. Map. Burst. Ladder

  • Post-it note pandemonium

  • Bowls of candy