This new start-up wanted to make a mark in the nascent grain-free food sector, capture the ever-growing gluten free market and appeal to anybody who wanted good snacks with real ingredients.


With a name like B.A.D. (Better and Delicious), we saw the opportunity to distinguish between a bad snack and a B.A.D. snack.


We created a new language and visual identity hinged on the brand name. From bad (good) tattoos adorning the packaging to SKU names that played on the personality, we created a brand ID that delivered an inherent level of food education.


Brand foundations
Brand ID
Product SKUs naming
Investor deck
Website design
Brand literature


Photography: Max Retik

Tempt your B.A.D. side, reward your good

Delicious cookie sandwich on a bright blue background
Chocolate cookies on a blue background with teeny toy dinosaurs and a toy car.
Illustration of hands with "Heck Yeah" written on the knuckles.
We make food for everybody that every body wants. Taste buds love us. Bellies are our buddies. We have good bacteria groupies. And we're going steady with blood sugar.
Photograph of person holding a bag of BAD food packaging on a yoga mat
Woman peeking over the tops of 3 BAD Food Co packages.
Mock-up of the BAD Food Co E-commerce site
BAD Food Co black packaging on a black background with graphics underneath