Help articulate and showcase the achievements of Federally Qualified Health Center, the Community Health Center of Richmond (CHCR).


Human willpower defines CHCR. Dedicated teams driven to give a richly diverse community life changing possibilities, regardless of ability to pay.


Through ‘Changing Lives, Daily’, a new campaign and tagline soon to be rolled out, CHCR will celebrate staff as life changers. The wider community will be encouraged to make a ‘small change for big impact’. CHCR’s extraordinary stories will be captured in a custom-built story portal.


Logo redesign + tagline
Campaign materials
Window and vehicle branding
Photography + videography
Website design UX/UI + copy
Social media


Photography: Chrisitna Nuzzo

Videography: Fluent Video

On the left, a photo of a brochure from CHCR about Maternal Health. On the right, a dark blue background with three icons: a heart, an apple, and a tooth
CHCR Business Cards
Speech Bubbles
Patient speaking with a patient advocate
Quote from Henry Thompson, CEO. "At CHCR, everybody is welcome, no matter whether you can pay for your care or not."
Friendly dentist holding a toothbrush
Quote from Henry Thompson, CEO. "Come visit CHCR, we change lives every day."
CHCR Baby onesie that says "If you can eat in public, so can I."
Small Changes. Big Impact.
Brochure for CHCR's Dental Services
A poster in a patient waiting room that says "Small Change: Drink more water. Big Impact: Reduce risk of diabetes."
CHCR Tote bag saying "What will you change today?", collection of CHCR buttons with icons on them, and a stack of CHCR Annual Reports
Mock up of a branded CHCR car