A ground-breaking revolution in procurement software deserves language and visuals to match.


Focal Point can elevate their sales pitch, taking on a leading category position with innovative cutting-edge Procurement technology.


Developing a cohesive structure to their innovative technology, we helped Focal Point develop user-first language to describe and understand their software. The brilliance of their SAAS product was in their unique ability to provide contextual information, regardless of the Procurement task.

From managing intake to strategic opportunities, procurement team power is tripled with the invention of Focal Point frames, organized workspaces for thinking, planning, and doing.


Logo redesign
External brand architecture
Brand positioning
Website design UX/UI + copy


Animation: Igor + Valentine

Stacked and horizontal version of the Focal Point logo, with a big bubbly orange FP.
The future of procurement, white text on a purple background
Overview chart of Focal Point benefits with statistics: Instant ROI, Cost Savings, ESG + Diversity, Risk + Compliance, Supercharged Projects
A purple beanie cap with the Focal Point logo on it
Purple totebag with the Focal Point logo on it
Illustration of four frames moving information between them with ease.
Focal Point website on a desktop computer and mobile device