Hanky Panky began its underwear journey in 1977, cementing its hold on lingerie lovers’ hearts thong a decade later with the invention of its famously comfortable. Seeking to grow its direct to consumer business and win over a new generation of fans, Hanky Panky hired Brandsisters to conceive a new brand direction that would distance it from competitors.


The iconic brand was the original champion of comfort. We needed to channel the past to define the future.


Hanky Panky has achieved god-like status with its legendary thong. We tuned into this cult, creating a new platform for the brand as the #cultofcomfort, featuring #hankypankyrealwomen in every seasonal shoot. A new logo speaks to the brand’s most famous silhouette and a new line in packaging delivers a consistent identity across fabrications and collections. For a fresh shoot aesthetic, Brandsisters centered on Hanky Panky’s talent for self-expressive print and color.


Brand workshop
Brand foundations
Brand ID
Style guide
Website asset creation
Creative + Art direction
Social and digital advertising asset creation
Video creation
Content landing pages

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