Seeking to grow its direct to consumer business and win over a new generation of fans, Hanky Panky identified its spring collection as a critical moment to make a change. Brandsisters conceived a fresh, contemporary visual identity for Hanky Panky, bringing in a new photography and set design team.


Trapped in COVID 19 lockdown, travelling is confined to our daydreams, with lines blurred between sleeping, waking and dreaming.


With a spring collection featuring woodland florals and tropical prints, we conceived Escape to Dreamland, designed to transport consumers to a sublime new world. Turning our backs on the muted colors of new underwear start-ups, we curated a bountiful photoshoot. A studio filled with lush florals and textured props told the story of a paradise found. Video overlays, added in post production, added a further element of storytelling.


Creative + Art Direction
Social asset creation
Digital advertising asset creation
Video creation
Content landing pages

Escape to dreamland