A well-loved bakery with two local locations needs a consolidated brand that can carry them through nationwide shipping, wholesale markets, expanded locations and a controversial menu change.


Celebrating change and emphasizing the fun, delicious, and quirk doughnuts can turn naysayers into champions.


Let the doughnuts take the lead. With a distinctive “wobble” and ridiculously fun flavors, the doughnuts themselves are the most important piece of the brand puzzle. “Does it look delicious? Does it look fun?” became the guiding questions for the project. Starting with custom lettering in the logomark, the Rabble Rise brand is marked with graphic black and white illustrations, in-your-face neon colors, and delicious photographs.


Logo design
Brand messaging
Photography + art direction


Photography + Styling: Robin and Sue

Illustration: Sophie Leigh Fisher

Doughnut Hall of Fame with three wobbly delicious doughnuts on pedastals
Rabble Rise Doughnuts logo in hot pink, dark blue, with a black and white lightning bolt and an graphic illustration of a doughnut
A pastry box being opened with the text "As naked as the day they were baked"
Graphic illustration of a person running with doughnut box, while a doughnut sun rises over the street
Lightning bold inside of a doughnut. The Rabble Rise logo
Close ups of doughnuts, boston cream, and dough
Black and white illustrations of a train with a whisk and a big R/R sign
Rabble Rise logo as a pin next to an image of a naked doughnut kit
Bright neon running shorts with the Rabble Rise doughnut logo on them. A shirt that says Montclair