Raymundos Food Group’s three businesses – Raymundo’s Desserts, Desi Natural and Noga – are ethnic food-producing powerhouses. With the best-selling flan and the best-selling dahi in the industry, it was time to start telling this story.


At a time of pandemic separation, togetherness had never meant so much. Raymundos brings families together and closer to their heritage.


Under the tagline ‘A taste of togetherness’, the parent website focused on the power of traditional food to connect people with their heritage. The dessert website was hinged on a visual language of authentic family joy, around the ‘sweet moments and sweeter memories’ that home delivers.


Brand foundations
Website design
Video scripting
Photoshoot art direction


Photography + Styling: Robin and Sue

Sweet Moments. Sweeter Memories.

Sweet Moment. Sweeter Memories. With a button that says "I Heart Flan" and two delicious photographs of flan.
Fun tastes better together with a frog fridge magnet.
A green graphic that says "We are loved." Three icons showing authenticity, ingredients, and quality. A photograph of three-colored jello at a party.